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September 1, 2007
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Kuifje en Bobbie by esda Kuifje en Bobbie by esda
another Tintin fanart :D

The outlines are pretty much just traced from a photo of Tom Van Landuyt and Zohra (the dog) acting as "Kuifje en Bobbie" in the original version of the Kuifje/Tintin musical in 2001. I changed some small details and coloured the image so it fit my imagination of Tintin :D. (Yes, I know it's ultra-über-lazy to trace a photo, but I really wanted to do that with this photo. ^^° )

The background image is a (photoshoped) part of this photo "Grand Place de Bruxelles" [link] from Mathieu Lefevre [link] (thanks for letting me use it! <3), who made some great photos of Brussels and other places :)

I'm still not happy with how Milou/Bobbie turned out, but after hours of attempts to colour him/her properly, I gave up and chose the version of the colouring that I liked most @_@;
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DreamyGirl58 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2007
Looks very good! I especially like how Milou came out.
darkpetals Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2007
[Ich spamme mal hier weiter. X'D -> Fortsetzung von dem Tread aus LadyKeane's Account:]

Haha... I wouldn't mind missing it either, but I don't really mind, as Haddock didn't seem to like it AT ALL. X'D

Yeah, I know... I tend to dream the weirdest stuff, fannish or not, especially when exposed to uni stress. u_u;;
And thanks, I was looking for that map! *_* Yeah, you're right, that would be it... in teh dream, I even thought something about it being weird that it's syldavie at once, because I vaguely remembered that it was something different. And hey, we would be living in different countries. lol.

LOOOL, how can you tell that somebody is a nerd from the voice? X'DD *is amused at the thought*
esda Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2007
Ah... Haddock didn't like it at all? That's great!!! :))) *is happy again*

And I would love to have one of your fannish dreams!! XDD I only dream stupid stuff. Well... at least most of the time I don't remember it ^^°
And it's totally fangirlish to remember were made-up countries are in a comic! *ROFL!!*
Yes, lucky that we don't live in the Tintin universe, since we would live in strange countries with strange names then oO; BUT since there AREN'T any women existing in the Tintin universe I suppose we don't have to worry about something like that XDD (Or would we be male then? o.O;; )

NO! REALLY!! Just listen to that song and you will HEAR what I mean! XD (Zonnebloem just sounds like a confused, unworldly, crazy scientist he actually is! xDD)
darkpetals Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2007
Well, at least he was fidgeting with his hands and trying to shove her away from himself! X'DD It must be clear sign that it was not mutual, lol.

Haha, I aways dream some stupid stuff which doesn't make sense at all, and I barely remember stuff I dream, anyway. X'D Sometimes, my dreams are kind of weird and I don't even know what was dreamed and what. Like, one time, I dreamed that a friend who visited me said he didn't like my Prague clock (I've bought a clock in Prague which hangs on my wall now) at all. I didn't know whether that was a dream and asked him and he said that he never said anything like that, so that must have been a dream sequence, obviously... >_>;; I'm a little like that guy from "Science of Sleep", lol. (Well, obviously, I'm not THAT crazy and ivory-tower. X'DD)
And hey, I don't remember ALL of the countries on that map. X'D Just a few. And in the dream, I only remembered Syldavie and didn't pay attention to the rest of the countries, because Saxony was in Saldavie... that would mean that we wouldn't have internetz, and would all use strange bright painted carriages and had gendarmskaya instead of police... NOW I WONDER WHAT THE HELL MADE ME SO HAPPY ABOUT THAT IN THE DREAM. X'DDDD
Hey, we could make a fanfic/doujinshi about ourselves, how we live in different countries, and then I'm a spy from my country spying on your country or something, and you work for your country's government! X'DDD *has very strange ideas*
And if we were in the Hergé universe... who knows?! We might be all black males from Congo! o___O;;; I... I kind of don't want to imagine that. X'DD

Ahaha, okay, now I get what you mean. X'D But hey, that's the way he is... thought actually, one gets the impression that he's only like that because he's deaf and mostly just doesn't get it what is happening around him. X'D
clytie Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2007
That's really neat! (If also just a tiny bit creepy.)

Tintin is love. :) I never could imagine what he'd look like "real" . . .
esda Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2007
Oh, and thanks for the fav! :)
esda Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2007
Okay... apparently that link-thing didn't work *drop*
Here you go again: [link]
esda Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2007
Creepy? o.O That's how Tom Van Landuyt looks like! XD (okay, I changed some details, like the eyes that I made more mangaesque, but the rest is pretty much the original *lol*)
click here (I hope the link works...):
<img src="" border="0" alt="Free Image Hosting at [link]" />

And Tintin as "the real thing" looks even better :D
darkpetals Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2007
Du hast es coloriert!! Wie schön! ^____^ :boogie:
Und die ganzen Details... o_Ó; Die Schatten hast du echt gut hinbekommen... :love:
esda Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2007
Dankeschön ^^

Ich hab mich ja hinterher über die Schatten auf Kuifjes Pulli geärgert. Die hellen Schatten (die ich als letztes gemacht habe) habe ich so viel besser hingekriegt. Ich hätte eher das "burn"-Tool für die dunklen Schatten nehmen sollen (und dann eben nochmal eine Ebene mit Farbe drüber - beim hellen Schatten bin ich nämlich den umgekehrten Weg gegangen und hab deshalb das tolle Resultat rausbekommen). Naja, ich weiß zumindest, wie ich es dann beim nächsten Mal machen werde. *lol*
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